Our warranty covers all electronic, video and pinball game parts sold on this website. It includes exchanges and sales on boards, power supply boards, monitors and monitor chassis. It also covers all of these parts in games we sell. You will have 90 days to check out your game with the new part. We allow extra time for shipping and may extend the warranty period if we have other parts of your game in our shop. Our guaranty assures you that the game part you recieve from us will be in complete working order and professionally repaired. We will promptly complete warranty work. We will start a new warranty period if we find any problem in the game part you recieved from us.

First check your game thoroughly. Remember, receiving a board that doesn't get your game working could be the result of many causes. New problems can arise during shipping, storage and installation. Older games by their very nature may not be reliable. Your game itself may have developed a new problem or had a reoccurrence of an old problem. If your game does not work after you install the game part, check for obvious problems, i.e. - improper voltages, things not plugged in, etc. Then if you are still having problems call us and we will review your situation over the phone and advise you on other possible actions you might take. Finally, after a reasonable assessment of the situation, and it appears likely that the exchanged part is the cause or at least suspect in the inability of the game to function, you may return it to us for a replacement. Please remember to put a note in the box with the game part describing the problem you are having with your game. We do not need a copy of your receipt because we can identify the game part by our warranty tag. Also, please be specific with your description or use the form for repair available on our website.

1. The game part must be returned to us promptly within the warranty period.
2. The game part must be received in the same condition as it was when we sent it.
A. It cannot be physically damaged or damaged by improper use especially voltages applied incorrectly.
B. It must have all the same parts on and must not be the result of somebody's unsuccessful experiment.
3. The game part must have the proper Eldorado Games Warranty Tag affixed on it.
4. Eldorado reserves the sole right to determine whether a board has been damaged due to misuse or abuse.